There are many people who failed to get loan, whether it is business loan or personal loan, simply because of the business or career that they are in. This is definitely not discrimination to their business or career that they work for. Some of these jobs are very legitimate.

However, it is just that some banks find it difficult to verify the nature of their income, as well as the stability of it as well. Besides, it is also considered not the preferred industry due to the fact that some of these jobs or businesses are paid based on cash basis.

Hence, the bank is not able to validate the accuracy or reliability of the cash received is actually income in nature, or it could just be cash belonging to the applicant, but it is transferred from one hand to the other. Below are unfavorable businesses & careers for bank to loan however they can still proceed

Business loan:

  1. Pub, Nightclub & entertainment
  2. Hawker, hairdresser, pretty traders
  3. Rubber & Plastic products
  4. Money Lender
  5. Masseur services
  6. Internet Cafe
  7. Textiles & Rugs
  8. Food products & beverages
  9. Other Eating / drinking places
  10. Restaurant
  11. Electrical & Apparatus
  12. Wholesales (construction related)
  13. Construction & Construction related activities
  14. Furniture, Accessories, Sporting, Stationery & Leisure Goods
  15. Land Transportation & Related Services
  16. Transport & Transport Equipment
  17. Muslim sole-proprietor operating : Liquor, gambling, tobacco & wine

We would be able to assist in case you fall within these few categories, and have tried but unable to get loan approved from the commercial banks.

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