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Term Loan with No Collateral required 无抵押定期贷款要求

Fast Loan: RM100k~RM1.5mil 快速贷款

Secured Loan up to RM10mil 抵押贷款可达

Flexible repayment tenure 灵活的还款任期长达7年

Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Sdn Bhd 独资/合伙/有限公司

Fast disbursement (fastest 1 month) 快速支付

A higher margin for the loan size 较高的毛利率贷款规模

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Major reasons why people apply for SME business loan in Malaysia The economy of Malaysia in the modern day is largely driven by small and medium size enterprises. The SME industry has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. This explains why the need for SME financing has been on an exponential rise.  Since small business owners do not have the right amount of money to start and even run their businesses, most of them opt to look into other forms of financing.

Why is this case? There are many reasons why the need for SME business loans has been on the rise in recent times. Of course, the main one is business refinancing. This is where someone had started a business but they need some more money so that they can feed it into their business for business expansion or enhance cash flow in the long run. There are those ones who apply for SME financing whenever they want to add on to their working capital. In any case, the business that you are starting in Malaysia has to be worthwhile in order for customers to really appreciate it. Therefore, the need for financing is rather inevitable in most instances.

Why is the need for SME business loans so high? Low financial muscle stands out as the main factor why many people opt to look for loans when they are starting their business. Ideally, the percentage of people with low financial capabilities is much higher than that of the elite in the society. In order for such people to get some means of livelihood, they will mainly need some financial backing. The need for these loans has been on an exponential rise in recent years. Many people find them easy to apply for. There is also the possibility of getting a higher amount in the process. Faster disbursement also counts alongside competitive rates that are offered by most financial institutions. With a flexible repayment plan and a longer tenure, these are the loans that you should take out for your business.

The benefits of SME business loans A large number of Malaysians prefer to apply for government grants whenever they want to finance their business startups. Most of them love such options because of the interest-free benefit. However, not everyone can be approved for the same. If that happens to be the case for you, you will have to find a commercial loan or what many people call a machine loan. These are loans that are gotten from commercial banks. SME loans fall into this category. These SME business loans offer business owners a wide range of benefits. They help in business transition and expansion, payment of debts or salaries, buying of more stocks in order to be able to compete effectively with competitors. Ideally, a small business loan is an ideal solution for any start up.

Are you one of the rejected lists below? We can help.

  1. Loan application was rejected or black list due to: CTOS problem, CCRIS problem, default, restructure, reschedule.
  2. Purpose of borrowing not in line with facilities applied for.
  3. Applicant has cases which are pending legal action.
  4. Applicant does not have ability to repay the facilities applied for.
  5. Applicant has other substantial borrowings resulting in high commitment.
  6. Unsatisfactory financial results of the applicant.
  7. Unsatisfactory conduct of current account by the applicant.
  8. Unsatisfactory repayment records with other lenders.
  9. Lack of financial commitments from business owners.
  10. High business / industry risk.
  11. Weak management of the applicant.
  12. Sole proprietor/partners/directors/shareholders/guarantors etc. facing bankruptcy actions from other parties.
  13. Inadequate collateral to compensate for higher risk to be taken.
  14. Existing facility (ies) not utilized for intended purpose.
  15. Others.

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