Prior any business conduct or transaction, Company Background Checking is the only way to prevent fraud case. We can do this via our subscribe service to the Credit Authority in Malaysia, which will enable us to check the CTOS and CCRIS history of the particular company, with the consent given by the management of that company.

We are professional to analyze the financial status of the company which inclusive of  company detail, existing directors, company turnover, status, bankruptcy, trade record and so on.

The main criteria to analyze is the status of establish year, existing directors, 3 years financial  status,  bankruptcy & trade record.

We cater Preventive Fraud Case or Background Checking services:

  • Checking: Company detail, director, financial status, bankruptcy & more
  • Phone Checking: 018, 012, 016
  • Legal database from authority department

The Benefits of background checking:

  • To ensure the director you deal with is the real existing director of the company.
  • To ensure the financial’s ability & stability of suppliers & Customers.
  • To ensure customers have a good financial to pay back payment term before give them trade term.
  • To ensure customer, suppliers, agents are clean without any legal issue
  • To avoid dealing with those bankruptcy.

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