www.MalaysiaSmeLoan.com is one of Malaysia’s Top 1 Reliable & Reputable Business Financing and Business Solutions Advisory.  We have strong background and relationship in Malaysia Banking industry.  Besides, varies professional parties work together to serve you better & faster.


  • To assist companies to get financing to expand their business
  • To prevent and lower down percentage of occurring fraud cases for companies
  • To provide companies more information & assistance in government special funds or incentives
  • To assist those companies, from bankruptcy or in the process of bankruptcy
  • To assist establish a stronger, reputable, and cash flow healthy company

Vision:  To be the biggiest leading Top 1 Malaysia Business Financing & solution advisory with global reach

Why choose us?

  1. Prompt processing time in market
  2. Create the qualification of financing
  3. Highly personalized services
  4. More than thousand SME companies with us
  5. Confidential & secure all client documents
  6. No collateral needed for bank financing
  7. Black & white always welcome
  8. Saving a lot of time & less troublesome
  9. Varies professional parties working with us
  10. Varies business & banks’ financing solutions
  11. 99% answering your call during working hour
  12. 100% guarantee your commission will be received
  13. 24 hours instant brief business financing plan

Our Partners:  Auditors, Bankers, Businessmen/businesswomen, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Management companies, Properties agency, Referral, Secretary firm, Other professional parties

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