To preserve wealth lawfully Personal Pre-Bankruptcy Planning is important

What can  a person secure his/her existing assets before filing bankruptcy

1. Transfer all your properties 轉出所有产业:屋子,店屋,工厂,空地

2. Transfer all your cash 轉出所有現金

3. Sell all your existing valuable car 套现現有的有價值的汽車

4. Apply Business Loan, Personal Loan, Credit card, purchase car 申請商业贷款,個人貸款,信用卡,購車,协助你拿到更多现金。

How can we help?

1. To maximize your cash before bankruptcy破產前,為了最大限度地提高您的現金,有几多,拿几多

2. To ensure your future have more cash on hand為了確保你的未來有更多的手頭現金

3. To secure your existing house & other properties 為了保護您的現有房屋及其他产业

4. We have special appointed person to help you receive call我們特別任命人來幫助你接聽電話,你不必烦银行的电话



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